All new CCS FASTUS Series

Introducing the all new CCS FASTUS Series! This series offers you a whole new level of machine vision lighting with sensing, monitoring and feedbacking functions, realizing a stable and reliable inspection.

1. Sensing
FALUX current correction circuit corrects LED forward current variations to achieve uniform brightness. Temperature compensation circuit corrects brightness fluctuation due to rising temperatures after lighting comes on and ambient
temperature changes.

2. Monitoring
Luminance monitor function allows numerical brightness control, with upper/lower limit settings enabling alarm output. Absolute luminance values based on factory default data can be used as indices to enable uniform brightness
across lighting.

3. Feedback
Brightness is automatically adjusted to maintain initial settings.

CCS FASTUS Series comes with wide range of products as below.

CCS Fastus series offers maintenance-free operations through the use of sensing and feedbacking functions. It is
ideal for brightness-sensitive applications and non-stop operations that don't accept down-time.

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